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Jessica's my name. I love anything that's glittery, girly, or just pink. Besides my love for sparkles, pink and all things girly, I live in a small ass town , full of hicks & all things country, and I absolutely love it. There's nothing better than flying down back roads, partying around campfires with big trucks blasting country music, while surrounded by your
best friends.



Q: Do you follow back? A:not anymore
Q: Will you check out my blog? A:Sure! If I like your posts I'll follow!
Q: Can I vent to you? A:Yes! My ask is always open and I will give you advice on anything!
Q: Shout out? A:Only if you're following me back! I'll give you a screenshot shout out in return.
Q: How old are you? A: I'm 15 years old & a sophomore in highschool.



Texting. Fishing. Boating. Summer. My betfriends. Country crusing Rihanna. Jason Aldean. Luke Bryan. Florida Georgia Line. Partying. My best guy friends. Campfires. Budweiser. Chevy. Country boys. Baseball. Glitter. Victoria's Secret. Animals. That awesome feeling after winning a fist fight (bitch deserved it.) Saying bitchass/bitch tits. Making people feel better. New frinds.

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Stupid hoe // She ain't cute brah // Wow bitch // You ain't shit bitch! // No one reads this shit // Twerkin it for daddy // BIG TRUCKS // Country girl // Sexy blonde //
My best friends, I edited the picture :D

My best friends, I edited the picture :D

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